There are many factors to be considered when estimating the cost of removing a tree. The price of removing the tree will be determined by the height width and location of the tree on the property. Certain risk factors will have to be considered for trees that have a close proximity to any utility power lines.
Pricing a tree removal job can come with a bit of confusion for most property owners, as to what is fair and what’s not. A good rule to stick to is the riskier the tree, the pricier the job. For example a tree that is at the end of your lawn with no bushes or other trees around it, is a far easier and logistically less tricky tree to deal with than one situated very near your home. A tree very close to a structure can compromise the foundation of the home and cause havoc if not removed properly. Tree removal businesses generally are handling many jobs simultaneously , and would ideally spend as little time as possible on each job. Property owners are usually responsible for purchasing any permits required by local municipalities in Toronto.

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Ice storms, hurricanes and tornadoes all leave damaged trees in their aftermath, these damaged trees are somewhat complex when it comes to removing them. The reason for the complexity is because a lot of the times, these trees have been uprooted and awkwardly positioned on a building or home, and sometimes even in them. It is the responsibility of the company you hired to remove any tree from anywhere on your property without further damaging anything. This is why a hefty $10,000 price tag can be attached to removing massive trees with large diameters, as a crane would have to be rented to lift the tree off a house without damaging it. Renting a crane and operator can be quite expensive, as you can see estimating the average cost of removing a tree depends on various factors.


The differences between trees is what makes the price vary from tree to tree. The complexity of the situation plays into the price, but small trees normally range between $175-$500 to remove. Anything under 25 feet would be considered a small tree.
Trees between 25-75 feet range from $200-$1000 to be removed, of course complexity of individual situations comes into effect for pricing.
And the larger trees of 75 feet and up can be $1500 and up to remove. Any tree close to a home will have a higher cost as it would be more complicated to remove.


Removing a tree usually entails cutting it down, breaking it down to smaller pieces and moving those pieces to a landfill or elsewhere. Climbing, roping and cutting the tree are all included in the price. To be safe though, it would be a good idea to ask the company you are using in Toronto if hauling the trunk pieces away is included in the price. Some companies charge a hefty price to remove the pieces on top of the cost to remove the tree from where it is on the property.

Tree removal quotes don’t usually include stump grinding service. This job is frequently sub-contracted to other experts who come in, remove or grind stumps. It’s also a good idea to ask the company removing your tree, if they also have a stump removal service. Determining factors of the cost to grind a stump is usually the diameter. Generally to grind down a stump it costs between $60-$400.

The higher the risk, and what you want and need done are the factors that will affect the cost to remove your tree. It’s fairly straight forward, the complexity of your individual situation is what will ultimately determine what you will pay in the end. Toronto City dwellers have less space than those that live in rural areas, and most companies will clean up everything except the saw dust. People that live in rural areas and have a means of chopping the tree into pieces would only need the professionals to drop the tree and that would cost significantly less. It’s important for the property owner to go over options whilst getting your tree removal estimate.

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